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Please click HERE to see the rest at my journal.

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BBC has released a press info with 2 pictures for The Nativity where Andy will play Joseph. No specific airdate, but obviously it will start airing before Christmas.

I hope everyone is enjoying the second series of Garrow's Law so far :D

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Andrew's episode of the (UK) Channel 4 show Coming Up, "Eclipse," will air this Thursday, August 26th at 11:40 p.m. A description from the series' website (where you can find out more about the show) is below:

Ben, played by Andrew Buchan, is captivated by his flighty friend and neighbour Chloe, played by Zoe Tapper, who toys endlessly with his affections, until a chance encounter with her doppelganger, Jennifer, changes the dynamic of their relationship forever.

I'm in the U.S., so I won't be able to watch this, but hopefully, others will be able to catch it! It certainly looks intriguing.

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- Series 2 of "Garrow's Law" has been commisioned.

- Still no airdate, but "The Sinking Of The Laconia" will air this fall/winter.

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Andrew has signed on to play Joseph in The Nativity, which will air this Christmas on BBC1.

From the BBC:

[Peter] Capaldi will appear as Balthazar, one of the three wise men, alongside True Lies star Art Malik and Cranford's Andrew Buchan.

Newcomer Tatiana Maslany will play Mary to Buchan's Joseph.

Nativity, which will be broadcast in four half-hour episodes over four nights, is being scripted by
Life On Mars writer Tony Jordan.

Filming will begin on location in Morocco next month.

The production will focus on the love story between Mary and Joseph and their "emotional turmoil" over her pregnancy.

Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC Drama Commissioning, hailed Jordan as "a master storyteller".

"We hope our version of the Nativity will give audiences all the wonder, magic and inspiration of the original whilst also telling a less familiar tale," he added.

There's also an article from The Guardian here.
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The Good Wife [6]
Justified [8]
Spartacus [6]
Being Human [6]
Small Island [6]
Suburban Shootout [9]
Robin Hood [6]
The Fixer [6]
Wallander [3]
Poirot/Marple [6]
Ruth Wilson
Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes/ Rome/Lost [6]
and Tom Hiddleston, Ellito Cowan, Andy Buchan, Benedict Cumberbatch, Craig Ferguson

The rest can be found here
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01-04: Cranford
05-12: The Fixer
13-15: Lost In Austen
16-24: Party Animals
25-30: The Thick Of It
31-42: Wallander
43-46: Elliot Cowan
47-49: Life On Mars
50-50: Conan/Tilda Swinton
51-56: True Blood, The Young Victoria, Damned United


The rest can be found here
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Here are a few webpages about Andrew I've come across. Feel free to add some!
http://www.thisisbolton.co.uk/display.var.958936.0.a_classic_role_for_tv_star_andrew.php (about Jane Eyre, lots of good info)
http://www.rada.org/grad05/buc.html (his RADA profile... certified for dancing from Ecuador... Someone should really ask about that! Sounds sexy.)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/partyanimals/interview_andrew_buchan.shtml (interview for Party Animals)
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Here's a link to watch a couple of episodes from "Party Animals." You can definitely start with episode 3, although if anyone has the other episodes, it would be great to post them as well! I definitely recommend this show - not only is Andrew the star, but it's funny, sexy and focused on politics - perfect.
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While to my ENORMOUS disappoint we won't be seeing a Party Animals Series 2, we've got another great show to look forward to: The Fixer!

But damn, I still want to know what that text said!

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