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Hi there, and welcome to the Andrew Buchan community! I've been at a lost trying to find information about him on the internet, so I decided to start this myself. I'd love if we could get a nice collection of photos, icons and vids up featuring him and his characters! He's played Scott Foster, a sexy lobbyist (with a beautiful stare) on "Party Animals", a wonderful (but not renewed) BBC show about politics, and of course, romance; Jem Hearne, a sweet carpenter on the fabulous "Cranford"; and St. John Rivers, breaking my heart by being so damned stubborn, on "Jane Eyre." I've yet to see him in anything else, but please let us all know if you have, especially if you've seen any of the plays this RADA grad has performed in!
Well, here's to a great new community I hope! If anyone knows anything about communities and how to spiffy this one up, please let me know!
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